Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Gear and Clothing

It is so important to have good clothing for adventure racing. Make sure your gear is lightweight but high performing. You can find most essential gear at your local outdoor store. Never compromise your safety in a race by taking poor quality flimsy equipment but also don’t add to your workload by carrying extra bulky heavy gear. Buy quality as not only will it last longer but it will enhance your experiences whilst training and racing. I always say there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing choices. Always put your gear in a good quality dry bag in your pack. Compulsory gear is no good to you if it is soaking wet. Make sure you understand the climate, terrain and weather for the location of your race. If you will be bush bashing wear leg protection, if you will be in river beds or scree slopes wear gaiters to stop stones getting in your shoes. Never underestimate the weather and always plan and prepare for the worst case scenario.


  1. I'm looking at getting involved in this crazy adventure racing world in 2016 and looking to buy a full length wetsuit which is mandatory in several events i'm looking at. Any tips on brands/suits that stand up to multisport action? Cheers

  2. Wetsuits come down to comfort - try a few on and go from there. It is essential you are comfortable swimming, running, canyoning, kayaking and doing anything in your wetsuit. In one race on the Coromandel we ended up running 10 km or so in our wetsuits through a town on a Saturday night.... :)

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